Food, microbes, smell and taste provide an affective connectedness with our environment. Beyond the commercial commodification, using these materials as designer I can create embodied experiences that emotionally re-link our sense of existence with a place.
As a designer it is my goal to extend the understanding of smells and taste to be recognised and applied as valuable, corporeal, and local cultural data.
Collaborating with disciplines, such as : microbiology, anthropology, agriculture, perfumer, botany. Together we can build sensitive bridges that open awareness for the inter- dependencies of the ecosystems we depend upon.


‘Retour Milan, a selection of sustainable projects’ / Eindhoven 2019

Future (H)eart(H) / Ventura Future / Milan Design Week 2019

“Waterschool” / Studio Makkink & Bey / Milan Design Week 2019

Mediamatic / Smell&Taste of Drenthe / Amsterdam 2019

“Waterschool” / Istanbul - Design Bieniale 2018

BENTO—Design for Eating, Gathering and Communicating / Tokio 2018 

“Waterschool” / Studio Makkink & Bey / Rotterdam 2018

Dutch design Week / Eindhoven / graduation show  2017

Mediamatic / Odorama - Animal smell / Amsterdam 2017


2014 - 2018 Kazerne, Design Galerie & Restaurant R&D, Eindhoven NL

2012 - 2017 Design Academy Eindhoven - Food non Food, Eindhoven NL

2016 Edinburgh Food Studio, Edinburgh UK

2009 - 2012 Studio David Pompa, Klagenfurt AT