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Kunst&Cultuur organisation in Assen invited me to investigate ‘The smell & taste of Drenthe’, to create a authentic representation of the land and its people for their 25th anniversary. The result is a special Gennever. Distilled from base ingredients that were typical present during the peat excavation period ( end 19th - start 20th century ) :

buckwheat, potatoes and juniper
This liquid is held in a traditional shaped glass bottle, topped off with a wooden cork that is sealed with local beeswax. Wrapped in a linen cloth who’s scent originates from ancient ‘Drentse- Heideschaap’.

A Storie of Drenthe unfolds in the bottle, a journey through scents and tastes is guiding you through landscape cultivation of the province. A authentic representation of the complete elements of the local Juniper bush is slowly masurating in the Alcohol. The alteration can be experienced, through nose and tongue.

Unlike 'traditional gin’, in addition to the berries, the wood and the needles are also used to flavour. As well a selection of local available botanicals is giving subtitle notes to the drink :

Wild carrot (daucus carota), yarrow (achillea millefolium) and fennel (foeniculum vulgare); herbs and plants that are found near the juniper forests.

Special thanks to:

Provincie Drenthe, Albert Kerssies, Bert Willigenburg, Sandra Nesic, Jans Klok, Joni Santing en Lucia Meyling, Patricio Nusselder, Boris Lancelot, Michiel van der Kaaij, Aranka Oosting, Hans Veenstra