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“The Archive of Alpine Olfactory Memories” 

in collaboration with Curdin Tones for Somalgors74

The Archive of Alpine Olfactory Memories sets out to collect scent related, local stories told by alpine environments and its people.

Of all the human senses that mediate our relation with the surroundings, smell has the strongest capacity to evoke embodied memories. It is the archive’s goal to assemble those memories, distil and materialise the smells and tastes, so these scent-related memories become accessible again. Doing so, in time, the archive hopes to reveal to a broader public how smell connects us sensually to the alpine environment.

The Archive of Alpine Olfactory Memories is initiated by designer Philipp Kolmann and artist Curdin Tones for SOMALGORS74. Over the course of one year they will coordinate the growing archive, collect and translate the local memories.

What smells do you find characteristic of the alpine habitat? What memories, materials and forms do you associate with these smells? Please use the attached PDF to share your alpine scent related memories with us.