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Body Culture, Culture your body ( 2017 ) 

I had a encounter I will never forget.
Throughout the course of only a few days, I could basically watch how the
bacteria stem of a vinegar mother migrated into a jar of sourdough placed on
the same shelf but half a meter away. I felt almost spiritual witnessing this
In the name of progress and clean living we have isolated our selves to allow a life, free of wild and dangerous pathogens. We made it very hard for the symbionts we coexist with, it is clear to me that we need to work on this relationship.
I wanted to give them a literal space in our environment, an architecture for
them to thrive. As an architectural object it is intended to breath and interact with its environment rather than shield it off. By Designing a space, scaled up to a size that it is within human perception, i aim to provoke a conscious relationship, that allows bacterias to maintain their communities.
The object, inhabited by a bacteria community shall be placed in spaces where we perform our daily hygiene. The bathroom, a place of human hygiene is mostly treated in a sterile way, rather than making it a space of our symbiotic needs. By populating the room consciously instead, we create a correspondence that works supporting to our own bodily microbiome ( the ecological community of all microorganisms that inhabit our bodies).
A conscious coexistence with bacterias does play an important role for the
future of our bodily wellbeing. It is my suggestion to explore both, the passive
living alongside each other, as well as the active part of meeting and
interacting. In this line of thinking I created architecture for the bacteria as well as tools of interaction.